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The Covidindo Project is a non-profit website that aims to assist Indonesian society become safer with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Acknowledging that the public contact tracing system in Indonesia is significantly lacking, we decided to develop a system to allow the public to know if they may have come into contact with a COVID-positive patient. An example would include a COVID-positive patient dining at a restaurant without a mask before they were confirmed to be positive, potentially spreading it to others.

It should be made clear that our web application does not promote the deterrence of visiting locations that have been marked as a COVID-19 location, but rather to raise awareness and to advise the public to exercise caution in visiting these locations. The fact that a location has been visited by a COVID-positive patient does not necessarily mean the location is completely unsafe, but rather a higher extent of caution should be exercised at this location.

In other words, our web application aims to notify individuals if they have been infected with the virus, thereby allowing the virus’ spread to be controlled within the means of our website.

It should also be made clear that the information we receive is verified by our website administrators, and is only published once the information is deemed to be true, which requires evidence to achieve. We do not publish information that we recognise as fraudulent. We also receive reports from medical institutions reporting on behalf of their patients. Only COVID-positive patients may report to our website.

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